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Should I Get a Home Inspection?

So you wanna buy a home.

Be it your first home, or your tenth,

purchasing a home is a HUGE step in anyone's life. And one thing anyone will tell you, is that during the process, the expenses can pile up fast.

One of the expenses you'll probably be told to go forward with, is a Home Inspection.

A home inspection may SEEM like an unnecessary expense, or something to take off the contract to "sweeten the deal",

Especially if your new home is already pushing you to the end, or even beyond your budget.

BUT, the cost of a home inspection is worth it. Simple as that.

We have the tools to dissect your new home down to the tiniest holes.

Often during the excitement of a home purchase you may not notice the flaws which we are trained to spot from a mile away.

Paying $300–$500 for a report that you may never look at again, could save you thousands and thousands in the long run.

Let us give you peace of mind.

Serving Warrensburg, Knob Noster & more

Call or Text today! 660-619-0657

- Matt Shell

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